20 Inch Wefts Hand Tied 100g/pack

20 Inch Wefts Hand Tied 100g/pack

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Wefts Hand Tied

Hand-tied weft hair extensions require no tape, glue or heat for application.  These are a collection of pieces that have been pre-cut and sewn by hand to create the smallest weft-size possible. Pieces SHOULD NOT be cut on your own as they will unravel and become unusable. Hand-tied wefts can be used to add fullness and length, all while blending seamlessly to your natural hair and texture.

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Qingdao Huida Hair Co.’s machine weft hair extensions require no tape, glue or heat for application.  This is one continuous weft of hair that can be cut into smaller pieces to be customized for various head shapes.  The machine weft is slightly larger than the hand-tied weft.  If you decide to cut the weft to fit your needs, you must add some hair glue to the edges to prevent the thread from unraveling and shedding.

  • Here is the glue we recommend for extensions
  • View the difference between our machine weft vs hand-tied weft HERE.

The Differences Between Wefts Hand Tied vs. Machine Tied

Sewing in wefts of hair is one of the oldest methods around when it comes to extensions. Even though weft extensions have been around for a long time, their mainstream popularity has spiked over the last couple of years. This is understandable when you start scrolling through Instagram and seeing all of these “hand tied weft” extension makeover posts, they look amazing! But with that being said, a common misconception that clients can have is referring to hand tied extensions, or requesting and appointment for such, is what the physical application of the hair extensions is called. It can be easy to think this, as the weft of hair is sewn into the clients own hair and the thread is then tied off to secure it. But this is not what “hand tied” is actually referring to. The “hand tied” refers to the way that the hair extensions themselves are made. Hand tied wefts are produced by manually tying hair to the extension seam and knotting it in place by hand. This method allows to create a very strong, but much thinner weft in comparison to machine tied.

As it sounds by the namesake, machine tied wefts are produced by using an industrial sewing machine to attach hair to the weft. Because the sewing machine would require the weft to be big enough to grip while sewing the hair to it, machine tied wefts are heavier and denser that hand tied wefts are. Hand tied wefts can be made much finer than machine wefts can, and because of this stylists are able to layer more hand tied hair without putting extra weight and tension on the clients hair and scalp.


Hand tied wefts cost more than machine tied, because with any artisan product they are much more labor intensive to make. It takes much more time for a person to produce the hair by hand  than it does to feeding hair into a machine.


Just like with any other form of extension work, the canvas that you are starting with and what the goal is determines what the best method for the results you are looking to achieve. Anyone that has thick, denser textured hair are good candidates for machine wefts as those that already have thick hair can hide the slightly bulkier nature of it. If someone has fine, delicate hair, hand tied will be the most comfortable and natural looking option to go with.


As with all the other companies that we work with in the salon, we care about the business practices and whether or not the hair we use is ethically sourced. What does that mean exactly? It can mean slightly different things with different companies, but at the end of the day it still stands for fair trade practices. For example, the company Great Lengths sources all of the hair it uses from donations of 100% virgin hair made to Indian temples. The proceeds from the purchase of the hair is then used to support local charitable causes that assist those in that area including food and housing. Covet & Mane sources their hair from people living in the Western regions of China. These people are fairly compensated for their hair which is a vital part of the local economy, and oftentimes the compensation far exceeds what they would normally make in a month.

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32 reviews for 20 Inch Wefts Hand Tied 100g/pack

  1. Alexandria G.

    In love,Love it

  2. Jackie M.

    loveee this hair!! doesn’t get tangled lile other brands !! about to muy buy more hair !! I am a total addict !! hair is so luxurious worth every penny ??!! will not be buying from anywhere else !!

  3. Cheyenne S.

    I should have bought two packs honeslty but still happy w quality

  4. Jackie M.

    I have be using clip in extensions for years and these are by far the best quality.

  5. Gabrielle P.

    I love it! I have thin and long but little hair and It helps to highlight it. It feels natural and perfect.

  6. Jacqueline B.

    Beautiful shiny quality hair, love it!

  7. Jennifer M.

    I love them! Already have the 16 inches and wanted a longer pair for a hair extension.

  8. Sophie L.

    So soft.

  9. Abigail J.

    I love my new 22¡± Extensions! Perfect for the weekends! The hair is great quality too!

  10. Allie B

    Honestly I got buyers remorse as soon as I purchased because I have been disappointed so many times with clip in extensions.. and 24 inches.. but these are first impression amazing. The hair is good quality. I have yet to put heat on it because I typically wear my hair staring but so far I am please for spending $400 plus!

  11. Lexi B.

    I¡¯ve been wearing hair extensions and these are great. They are well worth the money

  12. Liz G.

    I absolutely love my extensions! Now to learn how to wear them with my super thin hair!

  13. Michelle M.

    Great quality extensions. Even thickness throughout. Love it!

  14. Elizabeth D.

    I¡¯m very happy with my hair extensions.Great quality, fast delivery, I show some of my friends and they loved them¡­ so much that they¡¯re going to order some too ????

  15. Morgan M.

    Love these clips in. My hair is at my shoulder blades and I wanted more length so I got 22inch and it blended perfectly!! I did not install them on my own I had my stylist do it and I am on day 3 and it still feels like I have nothing on. I do have medium To thick hair already but you can¡¯t even see the clips especially since my hair is jet black?Read more about review stating Love these clips in. My

  16. Elaine T.

    I really love the quality and how dense it makes my hair look! I can’t wait to play around with styling it and wearing it out!

  17. Sydney L.

    Lov it

  18. Sarah B.

    The best purchase I¡¯ve ever made !!! I absolutely love this hair !! The clips are invisible and so easy to put on . I just love love love so obsessed ??

  19. Shelley C.

    Quality was great.

  20. Leslie M.

    I absolutely love these extensions! They blend so well with my hair and are so comfortable. I feel like a goddess and the quality is perfection. I have often made my own clipin extensions in the past and I am never going back after this purchase!

  21. Olivia E.

    Love these extensions! I have been wearing clip ins for a long time and these are by far my favorite! The hair is so soft and easy to manage!

  22. Daniela R.

    Long silky hair. I love the quality. Even my hair Stilist complimented the quality

  23. Soukaina F.

    The best extensions!!

  24. Amithyst B.

    I have thin hair and the seamless clip in are great it looked natural and not bulky or heavy. Made me feel pretty.

  25. Orsolya M.

    Light weight and matches my hair perfectly!

  26. Aynur I.

    So glad I purchased these beautiful beach wave clip ins . I live the look it adds to my hair . They are easy to apply with a flawless look .

  27. Jessica N.

    So cute

  28. Karina S.

    The best hair extensions !

  29. Charlotte C.


  30. Zonda B.

    My favorite hair to use on all my clients

  31. Skeeter D.

    Great deal and fast shipping

  32. Alexandra L.

    Love them

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